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Safety is always the top priority.

With our engineering, our documentation and our programming, we ensure the functions of the personal safety and the technical process safety.  

All our switchgears are designed in accordance with the currently applicable Directive 2014/35/EU - also referred to as the Low Voltage Directive.

In this context, we have the creation of risk assessment and risk analysis. This also applies to existing plants are rebuilt or retrofitted. From us undertaken security considerations are among others the following standards:       

  • DIN EN ISO 14121-1 Risk assessment    
  • DIN EN ISO 12100: 2010 Safety of machinery     
  • DIN EN ISO 13849-1: 2008 Safety-related parts of control systems (PL)     
  • DIN EN ISO 13855: 2010 positioning of protective equipment     
  • DIN EN 62061 Functional safety (SIL)

According to DIN EN ISO 14121-1 provides the risk analysis information needed for risk assessment, will help turn decisions can be made as to whether risk reduction is required. Such situations are pending modifications have among other things a decisive influence on the required budget planning.

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Find our references in brief
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Projekt Vergüteanlage Tellerräder und Ritzel
Projekt Forschungs- und Entwicklungsanlage zur Aufbereitung von verwässertem Altöl zu Schweröl und Leichtöl
Projekt 5 MN Presse zum Schmieden von Grossteilen
Projekt Vergüteanlage für Stahlringe
Projekt Hubbalkenofen für Kupferplatten
Projekt Abgasreinigungsanlage für N- und H2-haltige Abgase sowie lösemittelhaltige Flüssigkeiten
Projekt Vergüteanlage für Stabstähle
Projekt Vergüteanlage für Aluminiumteile
Projekt Vergüteanlage für Lager und Kugeln
Projekt Umbau Schmiede-Drehherdofen auf Regenerativ-Feuerung

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The market demands continously rising efforts in quality management. We save production and process data permanently.

Most sites need sql-based data access. We use it for deep data logging and archiving.

Quality based datalogging and process-integrated technical quality management is constantly implemented in our systems. 

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In general we automate plants with a high process level. So we are experienced in differend controled systems.

Pressure, temperature, quantity, weight, speed, synchronization, athmosphere. We control everything.

For every task the correct solution. Software- or hardware controllers.
We result counts.

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Engineering: consistantly from the beginning
We use modern CAD/CAE-Systems for engineering, planing and documentation from the beginning.

In general we use EPLAN and AutoCAD. Additional we have licences for ELCAD and WS-CAD.

Our cabinets are produced in our factory in Essen-Steele, Germany.
So, we are very flexible in terms of change management. Our capacities are suitable for quick response and tense schedules of deliverance

We check all devices, before going into action. Our customers profit is long term and failure-free operation.


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